Antti Salmisen öljyvärimaalaus, jossa kaksi Suomen ilmavoimien lentokonetta lentää pilvien yläpuolella.

Aviation art by Antti Salminen

Exhibition Permanent exhibition
Antti Salminen's oil painting. Curtiss Hawk is flying over the clouds.

Antti Salminen is an aviation artist from the city of Oulu, who is interested in World War II-era events. The initial interest for aviation history was given by Adolf Galland’s book “The First and the Last.” Since glasses once prevented access to professional pilot training, Salminen has been pursuing the dream of flying “taking wing with a brush”.

Salminen’s oil paintings most often involve some real story or event. He personally became acquainted with many wartime pilots, whose stories, in addition to the knowledge acquired from literature, have been used in the works. The paintings are for sale.