Private events

It is possible to organize various events, celebrations and meetings in the museum premises.

A Child in VR-simulator

Children’s birthdays

Have your birthday party at the Finnish Air Force Museum! Birthdays begin with treats at the museum’s café, after which small guests can visit the museum exhibition either independently with adults or with our guide. Did you know you can run and play in our museum? After the guidance, it is time jump in our VR simulator with the help of our “flight teacher”. You can also customize birthdays according to the birthday price list below.

Children’s birthdays can be arranged outside the museum’s opening hours from 16 August to 31 May, starting from 5 pm.

Price list

The full-service package includes birthday treats (cookies, juice, candy, potato chips), guided tour, one hour VR simulator and room rent. Birthdays last 2 hours. Number of participants max 12.

You can customize your birthday package with the price list below.

Rent outside opening hours 25 € / hour

VR simulator 50 € / hour

Guided tour 25 €

Birthday treats (inc. biscuits, juice, candy, potato chips)
4 € / person

If you wish, you can also bring your own catering.

Enquiries: jenni.siik(a)

Bristol Blenheim from above


It is possible to arrange an auditorium next to Bristol Blenheim Mk IV. bomber for a maximum of 40 people. The auditorium can be used for lectures, seminars, cocktail parties or other events.

Price list

Auditorium arrangement fee 20 €

Entrance 5 € / person / museum card

Rent outside opening hours 25 € / hour


For groups of less than 10 people, it is possible to rent the museum’s library.

You can order a coffee service for all events held at the museum.