Kuva vitriinistä viestinäyttelyssä. Viholliskoneen pienoismalli, lentokoneen tunnistusopas ja muita käsikirjoja sekä radioita.

The Air Force Signals Museum, which presents the air defence management, air navigation and communications equipment, was established in Tikkakoski in 1977. It has been in the same premises as the Finnish Air Force Museum since 1989. The exhibition presents the management activities of Finnish military aviation from the carrier pigeons of the 1920s to the era of the new millennium.

The exhibition shows how military aviation has evolved from early experiments into a very systematic activity. Whenever you see a aircraft in the air, it has a clearly defined function. Even in the 1930s, communication between aircraft and home base was not always carried by radio waves, but by pigeon wings. In the event of an emergency landing, the bird on board was allowed to fly to the home base to report adversity.

The objects, stories and installations in the Signals exhibition shed light on the development of air defence management, air navigation, air surveillance and radio intelligence tools and operating methods from the early days of the Finnish Air Force until the 21st century.

The expanded collection of the message exhibition displays material from the biplanes of the 1920s to wartime air surveillance lot equipment and the radar combat command equipment of the jet era.