Yleiskuva pienoismallitapahtumasta. Asiakkaat tutkivat myyntipöytien valikoimia. Takana on lentokoneita.

Jyväskylä scale model event

Event 23.03.2024 - 23.03.2024, klo 11–17 Finnish Air Force museum

The Jyväskylä scale model event, which has already become a tradition, will be held again on 23 March at 11.00–17.00 at the Air Force Museum. Come and admire the elaborate scale models and dioramas!

The entrance fee of € 5 also includes a ticket to the museum’s exhibition. Free entry for miniature model competition / exhibition participants, those under the age of 16, pensioners and the unemployed.

More detailed information about competition classes (in Finnish): Pienoismallit.net.

There are also merchants selling scale model kits, paints and equipments!